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Raising him right

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Losin’ my religion

Natural remedies: beverages, tinctures, concoctions and supplements that a mother can purchase or make in order to pass the time while an illness runs approximately the same course it would take without intervention.

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Lessons from the year

We had a wonderful year, maybe our best yet, because of – not despite – the many difficult lessons with which we were faced. In 2013 my family had some health related lessons, including a more difficult than usual post … Continue reading

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Accidental dinner

Short story: This post is mainly just to document a recipe I made up tonight that the kids happened to like unanimously. (This time, anyway. See here.) Longer story: Yesterday, I had two small chickens in the crock pot simmering … Continue reading

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I’m not telling!

Invariably as I stand at the stove I will be approached five or six times with the question: “What’s for dinner?” “Food,” I say. “What kind of food?” “The kind that you eat.” “I mean, what’s in it? “Meat. And … Continue reading

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Pickles, a reprise

It is starting to seem like the posts about pickles are taking over this blog. Maybe I should have picked “Pickles in the Kitchen” instead of “Socks on the Line” as my blog title. Nevertheless, I just HAD to do … Continue reading

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Southern style greens

I’m a Southern transplant, and even though you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl,  I may have absorbed some of the food culture here. One of our favorite side dishes is southern style greens.  These greens pass the test … Continue reading

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Smiling with Egg on my Face

The weirdest thing happened today when I tried to hard boil some eggs. I usually do the recipe where you bring eggs in cold water with a splash of vinegar (to help make peeling easier) to a boil, then cover … Continue reading

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Lean and Mean, but no Lean Meats, please :)

Happy new year! 2012 has brought with it a new job for Dave. It’s a great opportunity, a bit closer to home than the last job, and lots of work-at-home time should be in store. He’s got a nice title … Continue reading

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Grain Free Dairy Free Pancakes

The kids get bored of eggs all the time, and I get annoyed with the constant wishing for other breakfasts. In order to promote the sanity of all, I have declared Tuesdays to be Pancake Mornings. I will slave over … Continue reading

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