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Jireh is Thirteen

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Small Comfort

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Silly papi, naps are for grownups

My hardworking husband rested his eyes for 15 minutes yesterday, and when the little boys saw him they decided they needed a nap too. Complete with fake snoring, which progressed into wrestling. Oh well.

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Some May Film Favorites

I was excited to throw in a roll of Ektar since I just loved the one from last summer. I have another roll in for June. Canon EOS 3, 50mm 1.2, developed & scanned by  The FIND Lab

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Some April Film Favorites

Portra 400, Canon EOS 3, Indie Film Lab   Canon Elan IIe (this was my test roll for a new to me camera), Superia 800, Indie Film Lab

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Two minutes with a four year old

Can a bird be ANY color? Is a volcano stronger than a tornado? Where do tornados live? Hawaii? Oh, that’s volcanoes. What is this family about? Jesus? God? Eggs? I don’t know what anything means. But I know what hungry … Continue reading

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Homemade Water Slide

Repurposed slide, buckets of water, zip line. Oy oy oy. Film: Fuji 400H Camera: canon EOS 3 Lens: Lensbaby Twist 60 Processing: Indie Film Lab

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Trip to the Zoo

Agnes (8) is great with the little ones and she loves telling them facts and stories. Linus (4) was intrigued by the things Agnes was saying about elephants, so he began asking me if they were “in real life” and … Continue reading

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An Evening with Adam

We got to see Adam on Mardi Gras! It was a joy to all of us. Shawn joined us in time for a fun game of Catholic Trivia. We missed Matthew, of course, but we’ll take what we can get!

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Fairy Dust

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