Accidental dinner

Short story: This post is mainly just to document a recipe I made up tonight that the kids happened to like unanimously. (This time, anyway. See here.)

Longer story: Yesterday, I had two small chickens in the crock pot simmering in coconut milk. As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to throw some citrus peels (really soft, spent ones from an enzyme cleaner recipe I’d made) down the garbage disposal. It clogged.  Dave came home early to take a look and he got it unclogged, but the old PVC pipes cracked and the landlord had to come take a look. He ended up getting it fixed last night, after I did the dishes in the bathtub.

Anyway, with all the kitchen madness, we just grabbed some cold leftovers on paper plates for dinner and I had to put the chickens away.

We have a puny dumb garden from which we’ve gotten two volunteer pumpkins this year. (Oh, and there are a few green tomatoes on our heirloom tomato plant. First time I ever got something from seed!) The one thing that has taken off in this garden is basil. I have never had any measure of success before with basil – neither potted nor seeds. This year I grabbed one from Publix and planted it in the garden and it has flourished. It’s way bigger than my tomato plant.



So, I was thinking, what to do with this cold chicken? Coconut and basil made me think of curry. Curry chicken salad! And without further ado, here is my recipe, because I can kind of feel it seeping out the cracks in my brain as I type. Kind of like the citrus-y water was seeping out of the cracks in the PVC piping last night. Right. Anyway.

(You know I don’t measure. Sorry.)

Chicken, seasoned and cooked in coconut milk, shredded

Bunches of basil, chiffonaded by a lovely 6 year old with a chef’s knife

Diced bell pepper

diced jalapeno (we kept this on the side for whoever wanted it)

1/4 onion, diced (I soak this in lemon/lime juice to cut the sharpness)

coconut flakes I was trying to use up (I got them in the freezer section – not dried)


Sour cream

fresh squeezed lemon and lime (that have been sitting on pantry shelf almost too long)

1 tbsp curry powder, toasted in a pan for a minute until fragrant

coconut oil

salt to taste

Served on a bed of rice that I had measured out the day before and never cooked, so conveniently was able to use the broth/coconut milk cooking liquid from the chicken in place of water.



And that’s pretty much how we do it around here. It turned out to be a nice summer meal!

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1 Response to Accidental dinner

  1. Karen F. says:

    That sounds sooooo good. I need to get to Farmer’s Market for some basil. I’d love to have some plants but with moving last fall, haven’t gotten to that yet.

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