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New supervisor in town

He rules with an iron fist. Go, Soren, Go! Can’t fault his methods, he has them get the job done.

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Stocking up

So… I wanted to make some freezer meals for after baby is born and decided to go to the grocery store one last time to gather all my ingredients and make sure we had plenty of easy meals, etc. Of … Continue reading

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Monday in Pictures

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Chore Time in Pictures

Me: “Christina, why aren’t you in the pictures doing any chores?” Christina (6): “I was drawing the pictures.”

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When the Broom Breaks…

it’s probably nothing a piece of 2×4 and some fasteners won’t fix.

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Our morning in pictures


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Mother of Invention

As I explained earlier, we are on a severe budget lockdown. My dryer door has been having difficulty closing. Finally, the little part on the door that grips the door shut fell completely out. I plan to order the part … Continue reading

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Lean and Mean, but no Lean Meats, please :)

Happy new year! 2012 has brought with it a new job for Dave. It’s a great opportunity, a bit closer to home than the last job, and lots of work-at-home time should be in store. He’s got a nice title … Continue reading

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Yesterday and Monday, I had the unusual experience of being transported back in time. Sort of. I suddenly found myself mother to four kids five and under, rather than six kids eight and under. And oh what a different life … Continue reading

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This morning in the shower I picked up the bathroom cleaner spray that was in there, unscrewed the sprayer and rinsed my hair with the contents. Don’t be shocked. The ingredients are the same as my hair conditioner.     +    … Continue reading

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