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Tiny Pumpkin Pie

We went to a farm stand yesterday and Linus wanted to pick out a watermelon. He tried, but it was too big for him, so he decided on a small pumpkin instead. He told me he wanted to make a … Continue reading

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Special birthday breakfast

Christina turned 9 today and her meal request was biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. We’d never tried this meal gluten free before but it turned out great! We used Pamela’s baking mix for both the biscuits and the gravy … Continue reading

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Missing anything?

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Toddlerchefs (TM)


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My little amanuensis

As I was making dinner, a little voice kept piping in behind me. “Mom, did you put salt in the beans?” “Mom, was there any other seasoning you added to that?” I finally peeked behind the wall where I saw … Continue reading

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Stocking up

So… I wanted to make some freezer meals for after baby is born and decided to go to the grocery store one last time to gather all my ingredients and make sure we had plenty of easy meals, etc. Of … Continue reading

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Accidental dinner

Short story: This post is mainly just to document a recipe I made up tonight that the kids happened to like unanimously. (This time, anyway. See here.) Longer story: Yesterday, I had two small chickens in the crock pot simmering … Continue reading

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I’m not telling!

Invariably as I stand at the stove I will be approached five or six times with the question: “What’s for dinner?” “Food,” I say. “What kind of food?” “The kind that you eat.” “I mean, what’s in it? “Meat. And … Continue reading

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The Recipe

The other day Christina (5) came up to me and handed me an illustrated recipe she wrote. “Mom, I know how to make pie. It’s easy.” Since then she’s been bugging me to let her make a pie.  I mean, … Continue reading

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