Why 44 socks?

It’s a quip from a Lieber/Stoller song my sisters and I sing together, popularized by Peggy Lee. I changed it from 44 pairs, to simply 44 socks, because we can’t seem to pair our socks around here (as you can see from the blog banner).

I can wash out 44 pairs of socks and have ’em hangin’ out on the line
I can starch & iron 2 dozens shirts before you can count from 1 to 9
I can scoop up a great big dipper full of lard from the drippin’s can
Throw it in the skillet, go out & do my shopping, be back before it melts in the pan
‘Cause I’m a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I’ll say it again

I can rub & scrub this old house til it’s shinin’ like a dime
Feed my baby, grease the car, & powder my face at the same time
Get all dressed up, go out and swing til 4 a.m. and then
Lay down at 5, jump up at 6, and start all over again
‘Cause I’m a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I’ll say it again

If you come to me sickly you know I’m gonna make you well
If you come to me hexed up you know I’m gonna break the spell
If you come to me hungry you know I’m gonna fill you full of grits
If it’s lovin’ you’re likin’, I’ll kiss you and give you the shiverin’ fits
‘Cause I’m a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I’ll say it again

I can stretch a greenback dollar bill from here to kingdom come
I can play the numbers, pay the bills and still end up with some
I got a twenty-dollar gold piece says there ain’t nothing I can’t do
I can make a dress out of a feed bag and I can make a man out of you
‘Cause I’m a woman! W-O-M-A-N, I’ll say it again
‘Cause I’m a woman! W-O-M-A-N, and that’s all.

3 Responses to Why 44 socks?

  1. Camilla says:

    I remember you and Beccah and Leah singing this song at one of the talent shows at Messiah’s, though all I remember is the “I’ll sing it again” part, and the fact that Beccah and Lele carried you off the stage at the end. 😀

  2. Tiff says:

    I gave up on pairing socks. We have a sock basket that the kids decorated with a banner saying, “Lonely socks” although it should say, “ALL SOCKS!” Daily, if you want some socks… better go find 2 that basically resemble each other and pray they are the same size 🙂

  3. vivjm says:

    We make pairing socks into a game – we have a great big net bag and we chuck all the clean socks in off the line, then when we run out of socks, the boys have a great time tipping them all out and trying to match them all up! This can prove quite interesting, given that my eldest is colour blind 😉

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