Bucket by Bucket, all the way to China

20160523-IMG_8911 20160523-IMG_8918 20160523-IMG_8947

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The Last Thing

He’s three and a half today. He’s successfully potty trained now, but he still takes a bottle and insists I sit with him. I tend to greet every maturity milestone with excitement and pride, rather than sadness, which is pretty unusual if my facebook feed is to be believed.  I don’t sniff sniff when the baby weans, or loses a tooth.  But I think this bottle is his last tie to babyhood. As he told me himself when resisting the potty, “When I grow UP I’m going to do it.” So, I’m not rushing it. He’ll grow up eventually. And doesn’t he look sweet?


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Eight on the First – May 2015


tried something new to prevent squishing:)

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Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 4 – Botanical Gardens

20160419-_MG_227720160419-_MG_2222-2 20160419-_MG_2224-2 20160419-_MG_2225 Verdinah. b 20160419-_MG_221820160419-_MG_2244 20160419-_MG_2255 20160419-_MG_2276 20160419-_MG_2279 20160419-_MG_2281 20160419-_MG_2293 20160419-_MG_2313 20160419-_MG_2321 20160419-_MG_2322

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Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 3

Monday morning, Merja and I met up at the Court St station in Brooklyn for one last photography walk – shooting landscapes for the class we’re in together right now. It was a beautiful sunny day.

20160418-_MG_2092 20160418-_MG_2093

Outside St Ann Trinity church

20160418-_MG_2097 20160418-_MG_2099

Freedom Tower20160418-_MG_2103 20160418-_MG_2104 20160418-_MG_2123 20160418-_MG_2131 20160418-_MG_2138 20160418-_MG_2152 20160418-_MG_2156

Back at my mom’s, I caught Levi walking through a gorgeous patch of afternoon light.20160418-_MG_2176-2

We enjoyed a very large extended family dinner at L&B Spumoni Gardens.

20160418-_MG_2181 20160418-_MG_2182 20160418-_MG_2187-2 20160418-_MG_2208 20160418-_MG_2213

And then off for a good night’s sleep!

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Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 2 – with the family

Playing around with the window light and mirror in the guest room20160417-_MG_1906-2

Preparing a lovely caprese salad while the babies snack20160417-_MG_1942

Italian kitchenitalian kitchen 20160417-_MG_1950 20160417-_MG_1955 20160417-_MG_1956-2 20160417-_MG_1959

As a child they called her Sarah Bernhardt20160417-_MG_1967

Photobombing Mommy20160417-_MG_1983-2 20160417-_MG_1987

Did someone say Humphrey Bogart?20160417-_MG_1988 20160417-_MG_1995 20160417-_MG_2022

**SCREECH* Let’s just stop this and zoom in here for a moment.

THE GORGEOUSNESS that is my baby sister20160417-_MG_2022-2


Linus asked me to see the picture of “Birving” again20160417-_MG_2059 20160417-_MG_2064 20160417-_MG_2068 20160417-_MG_2078

My parents with all their girls (Missing my brother)20160417-IMG_2006-2

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Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 2 – photography meetup

Merja and her family were kind enough to meet me on my own stomping grounds of Sheepshead Bay. We stopped at a little restaurant off Emmons for some sustenance.



20160417-_MG_1805-2 20160417-_MG_1792-2 20160417-_MG_1780-2 20160417-_MG_1783

Then we took a photo walk by Sheepshead Bay and across to the Manhattan Beach Park.

A mini-photographer and a very accustomed model:)

20160417-_MG_1809-2 20160417-_MG_1810-2 Brooklyn's "Seagull" 20160417-_MG_1823 20160417-_MG_1829-2 20160417-_MG_1833-2 20160417-_MG_1840-2 20160417-_MG_1841-2 20160417-_MG_1855-2 20160417-_MG_1861 20160417-_MG_1862 20160417-_MG_1867-2 20160417-_MG_1870-2 love on the rocks 20160417-_MG_1882 20160417-_MG_1885


We said our goodbyes – with Merja and I planning to meet the following morning again – and went our separate ways after a lovely afternoon.


Jireh and I stopped for coffee on the way back and then headed to my mom’s… where my ever-vigilant sister had locked all the doors.:) We hung out and rested for a bit and then I went to meet them and retrieve a set of keys.


stay tuned for the photos of our evening with family.

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