Brooklyn – day 3


When I woke up Saturday morning, my nephews, who had spent the night, came in my room to hang out and chat. 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2237 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2240 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2241 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2243 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2244 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2246 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2249

My sister Leah came by and we hung out…20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2254

and answered, scientifically, some burning questions about whose nose was biggest.20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2259 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2260 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2263

Phineas loves his auntie 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2267 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2269 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2279

Esther turned the camera on me.20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2285

As my dad says, “We have one meal. It starts in the morning.”20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2287


Who needs toys when there’s a lock to pick?20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2288 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2289 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2290 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2292

Then it was my other nephew & niece’s turn to come hang out upstairs while we waited for dinner. 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2295

This kid’s a hoot. 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2300 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2302

“I’m a zombie and I’m coming for you!”20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2304

Miss independent.

20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2310 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2318

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Brooklyn, day 2

Serenade by Aunt Essie20150417Brooklyn-_MG_208220150417Brooklyn-_MG_2080

headed out shopping

20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2088 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2089

Quintessential Brooklyn. Two ladies enjoying a smoke out the apartment window.taking a break

my parents’ back deck20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2109 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2111 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2128 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2131 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2139

talking over the fence to neighbors20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2142 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2143

photobombing grandpa20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2144

champion pose striker, takes after her mother :)20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2154

the prettiest mommy in the land20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2158


“Pitty? Pitty?”20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2166 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2168 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2174

Shots I’m in courtesy of Esther20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2183 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2188

So I was trying to capture these two guys.20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2202

But I couldn’t find the simple background I wanted.  And then I thought I could maybe simplify the background with some props. 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2203

So Beccah decided to help me…


And of course became center stage :) We couldn’t stop laughing at the background fail. 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2209

Verdie the Birdie. She’s so loved.


My nephew, champion milk bubble maker.20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2216

playing games with Grandpa20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2220

Mother of four, heading out the door20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2224

doubled up

20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2226 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2227 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2231 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2232 20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2235

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Brooklyn – the rest of day 1


Phineas and Verdinah meet20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2036 20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2040

my mom in her kitchen20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2047

What my baby sister had waiting for me20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2052 20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2056

Sweet Dorothy20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2061

Getting acquainted20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2068

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Plane trip

It was time for a visit to northern climes, where civilization began. I ventured back on an airplane after an 8 year reprieve to make a pilgrimage and present my eighth born to his loving extended family. Many photos were taken and I will break them up into posts as I edit them.

My hilarious flying companion:


My view during the descent

The Verrazano, my favorite bridge in the world.

20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2003 20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2005

Three Manhattan bridges20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2014


Central park20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2027

Yankee Stadium20150416Brooklyn-_MG_2031

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Aggie’s birthday outing

My Agnes is 7 years old! She requested Starbucks & Moe’s for her birthday so we all took a trip to Target where the kids picked out presents and then had some beverages at Starbucks right in the store. Then we headed to Moe’s where I ordered to go and we came home to eat. Long day!

20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1926

20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1882 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1884 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1885 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1887 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1892 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1899 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1906 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1908 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1918 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1920 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1924 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1928 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1929 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1933 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1950 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1957 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1970 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1977


What a wonderful seven years this has been, my Agnes Anastasia.  Your personality cannot be contained. You’re enthusiastic, loving, kind hearted, motivated and beautiful. Happy birthday!




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20150414untitled shoot-_MG_1866 20150414untitled shoot-_MG_1875 20150414untitled shoot-_MG_1876 20150414untitled shoot-_MG_1878 20150414untitled shoot-_MG_1879

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The younger half

20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1829 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1830 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1834 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1836 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1839 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1840 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1842 20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1844

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