Pajama party on the trampoline


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Brothers pretending

According to Linus they were playing some version of “house” where I wasn’t the mom.πŸ˜€

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Film Scans – Ilford Delta 3200

The heavy grain of the 3200 ISO film really adds a sense of timelessness to the images. And that makes me laugh at the juxtaposition of, for instance, having a photo of two girls in front of a computer.πŸ™‚

I really like this film too. Will have to experiment some more going forward!

Ilford Delta 3200

Ilford Delta 3200

That’s Estella (6) on the pullup barπŸ˜€



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Film scans – Tri x 400

This was my first foray into black and white film and I am digging it!

This requires some explanation… our pest control guy saw Soren practicing guitar and decided to offer a little concert.



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Tiny Pumpkin Pie

We went to a farm stand yesterday and Linus wanted to pick out a watermelon. He tried, but it was too big for him, so he decided on a small pumpkin instead. He told me he wanted to make a tiny pumpkin pie. It was too cute an idea to resist.

rice flour & salty butter only.

With such a tiny amount of pumpkin I decided to make a no bake cheese filling. I just blended in the vitamix the cooked pumpkin, pumpkin spice, some cream cheese, a little milk, unflavored gelatin and sugar and then added a little boiling water. Then we poured it & chilled to set.

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Phineas is 2

He woke up with curls.

Bath time

Snip, snip. Sniff, sniff.


It’s hilarious to me how many kids piled up to take turns reading all the board books just because they were new.

His siblings pitched in to buy him a mini trampoline because he doesn’t love the big one.


How much love in these faces as they look at our sweet not-so-baby Phineas.

Jireh overcooked the brownies just a lil’ bit. So he dug in like a cookie.

it wouldn’t be a 2nd birthday celebration without a little spilled milk.

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The Shearing of (Phineas) Samson

The deed is done. More pics to follow.

a comparison:

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