Eight on the First – September 2015


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New Trampoline

We used to have a trampoline, and then at our old house, a storm knocked over a tree and it was destroyed. My nephew was disappointed and said he loved jumping at the trampoline when he came to visit. So I promised him if he ever came back we’d be sure to have a trampoline for him. And sure enough, he (and most of the rest of my family) will be here today. So we got another one and set it up.  So far so fun!




20150821trampoline-_MG_7835 20150821trampoline-_MG_7852 20150821trampoline-_MG_7870 20150821trampoline-_MG_7880 20150821trampoline-_MG_7893

A few of them woke up early to enjoy it before breakfast.20150822trampoline-_MG_7908 20150822trampoline-_MG_7914

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Honored, thrilled, incredulous

Those are some of my feelings at having one of my images selected for inclusion in the VOICE collection which will be shown in a gallery this fall at the ClickAway photography conference. I’m so excited to be able to attend, and I even get to keep the mounted print!

There is some seriously beautiful work in this gallery of 220 images, selected from over 18,000.  I feel so humbled to be included, as though 219 of these belong together, one of these things is not like the others! It’s surreal to be standing this close to the rest of the amazing photographers whose images comprise this collection. Thank you to the judges for seeing something in my submission!


Click here to access the collection:


voice1My image is under the “Happiness” category.


Here it is:

“Let it Go”20140610-IMG_5514

A storm was rolling in and we were all outside enjoying the crazy wind as the clouds gathered. Then-3 year old Estella was smack in the middle of her “Frozen” phase and danced around singing “Let it Go” as the wind whipped her hair and dress about.

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the bessers stopped in

The youngest had a fun time pairing up with Phineas to make trouble. :) It was a brief but very fun visit!20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7705 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7709 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7711 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7721 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7724 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7728 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7730 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7744 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7751 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7755 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7757 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7758 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7766 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7767 20150819untitled shoot-_MG_7778

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Missing anything?

20150818untitled shoot-_MG_7670 20150818untitled shoot-_MG_7673

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Hiding from the oblivious is futile

20150814untitled shoot-_MG_7437 20150814untitled shoot-_MG_7440but apparently it doesn’t need to be noticed to be fun :)


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The Wig

One of Estella’s birthday wishes was for a wig “so people will think I have pretty hair.” So her ever obliging grandmother did indeed buy her a very nice wig. I finally got her to pose for me today.

As it turns out, it’s rather too itchy for her to want to wear it daily ;) but she does enjoy using it for dress up and play. She had a good time modeling with it.

20150814estellawig-_MG_7411 20150814estellawig-_MG_7412 20150814estellawig-_MG_7413 20150814estellawig-_MG_7425 20150814estellawig-_MG_7428

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