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Eight on the First – March 2015


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Fluffy comforter

20150227-IMG_9723 20150227-IMG_9724 20150227-IMG_9725 20150227-IMG_9727 20150227-IMG_9733 20150227-IMG_9741 20150227-IMG_9742

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Three sons.

Not too shabby.20150224-IMG_0062

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She takes Monday seriously


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Serves me right for nursing the baby

20150222-IMG_9955 20150222-IMG_9968 20150222-IMG_9970 20150222-IMG_9972 20150222-IMG_9976 20150222-IMG_9978

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snow flurries

We got some snow yesterday. So many of the flakes just looked like icy clumps and most of them were so fragile they broke as soon as they landed, but I managed to get a few photos of actual six sided flakes.

20150220-IMG_9915 20150220-IMG_9930 20150220-IMG_9935 20150220-IMG_9936 20150220-IMG_9939 20150220-IMG_9945

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