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Today20150327untitled shoot-IMG_0969

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And the outing

20150323untitled shoot-IMG_0896 20150323untitled shoot-IMG_0904 20150323untitled shoot-IMG_0907 20150323untitled shoot-IMG_0908 20150323untitled shoot-IMG_0910

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Lucky Thirteen

Happy anniversary to my husband of 13 years!

Look at all these blessings. Thank you, Lord!

Date Night

Date Night

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A little shuteye around here

20150322untitled shoot-IMG_0868 20150322untitled shoot-IMG_0870 20150322untitled shoot-IMG_0873 20150322untitled shoot-IMG_0877 20150322untitled shoot-IMG_0879

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Am I the only one who reluctantly shops only when there’s pretty much nothing to eat? Most of the kids love to help unload simply because they get to take mental inventory… and because the first to know (Mom got CEREAL!) gets the exclusive for their Kid News broadcast, a coveted position.

Then there’re some who can’t wait until the groceries get into the house to start digging in.20150320untitled shoot-IMG_0766

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Waiting Game

20150318carltonfarms-IMG_0703 20150318carltonfarms-IMG_0705

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Little Bandit



20150317phineasapple-IMG_0634 20150317phineasapple-IMG_0651 20150317phineasapple-IMG_066020150317phineasapple-IMG_0661


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