Estella is 5

Ah, tiny Tella. She is the favorite of everyone for her mini-ness, precociousness, and surprisingly big voice.  She’s been identifying with the toddlers of the family  (well, let’s be honest – at chore time especially).  However, this morning, Phineas made quite a mess of cereal on the floor by knocking someone’s bowl off the table. Estella amazed me by immediately getting up, grabbing the broom and sweeping the mess without being asked. I hope this is a newfound sense of responsibility now that she’s five, and I definitely intend to encourage that!

We plan to go get her ears pierced today as that is what she wants. A few other girls who haven’t had it done yet might get theirs done too.

Estella, you’re everyone’s pet and we love you so. I pray you will grow in grace and wisdom well beyond your stature.


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2 Responses to Estella is 5

  1. Mary says:

    All your photos of your children are just beautiful. The third shot is perfectly timeless! She’s precious. I hope she has a wonderful birthday!!

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks so much, Mary! I like your “things I like about ___” that you do for your kids’ birthdays. So sweet.

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