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Jireh is Thirteen

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Two minutes with a four year old

Can a bird be ANY color? Is a volcano stronger than a tornado? Where do tornados live? Hawaii? Oh, that’s volcanoes. What is this family about? Jesus? God? Eggs? I don’t know what anything means. But I know what hungry … Continue reading

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The Fifth Nine Year Old

They start out as funny looking smushy faced burritos and look what happens. God bless you, my Aggie, as He has blessed me with you.  

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15 years

Happy Anniversary to my partner in everything.

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Phineas is 2

He woke up with curls. Bath time Snip, snip. Sniff, sniff. Presents! It’s hilarious to me how many kids piled up to take turns reading all the board books just because they were new. His siblings pitched in to buy … Continue reading

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The Shearing of (Phineas) Samson

a comparison:

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Jireh is Twelve

Eleven was a year with ups and downs! Twelve is bright and promising. Growing up looks good on her.

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Today was Søren’s first time serving at Mass! He has wanted to do this for years and finally was allowed to attend training and join the altar servers. He woke up super early and got ready for church before anyone else … Continue reading

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Dave’s birthday

The children knew what kind of cake Dave would prefer. It’s made of meat, with a vegetable garnish. Some of the kids wrote him nice cards and some made him things out of Georgia red clay. A few bricks and … Continue reading

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Agnes is 8

Happy birthday, my feisty, passionate girl. She has the same faces, check this out: Age 1 Age 2 Age 4 Age 6 Age 8

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