Jireh is 11

20150718untitled shoot-_MG_6234 I tell people that Miriam was such an easy baby, it caused me some pride in my parenting.

So God sent me Jireh to correct that.20150718untitled shoot-_MG_6240

Always the “girl with the curl” proverbially, thought not literally, Jireh gives me a run for my money. Smart as a whip with the ego to go along with it. She’s so much like both her parents, which delights and frustrates them simultaneously.

At eleven, she is so mature in her understanding of things, philosophical in her musings and conclusions, and interested in saints, stories, and songs.

20150718untitled shoot-_MG_6242

I pray I can keep her heart close to mine during these important years. We had a nice heart to heart chat over our coffee on her birthday morning. I hope there are many more of these to come.

We love you so much, Jireh. God bless you always.

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1 Response to Jireh is 11

  1. Kit says:

    She is so beautiful. What happened to the skirts/dresses? Or is this only at home thing…the jeans and all? I hope you still wear skirts/dresses all the time. God bless.

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