Ear piercing

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2 Responses to Ear piercing

  1. Kerri P says:

    So pretty! That’s a lot of ear care for the next 6 weeks! Ha, ha! Been there. Though I think we have only done two at a time. So fun though. I love seeing which earrings my girls choose. They are so different, and it comes through in everything.

    • Sarah says:

      So far I’m surprised! They have been taking responsibility to come to me with the solution & q tips multiple times per day asking for their ears to be treated! The last time we did piercings around here, Jireh was 4 and she would not allow me to touch her ears – the studs ended up needing to come out because it got pretty bad! So this time it’s going really well. I’m really enjoying seeing them looking so pretty & grown up with the earrings. 🙂 Bonus, their hair has been done consistently too – very unusual for certain of them! lol

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