Not the baby anymore

In case we had any doubts about Agnes wanting to hold onto her place as “the baby” of the family, she seems to go out of her way to show that she is indeed more than ready for this transition.

As I was nursing the baby just now, Agnes was not yet sleeping, and since I was busy she decided to get up and go take care of something. I heard clattering around the kitchen and I finished nursing Estella and went to check when I could.

Apparently, Agnes was hungry, so she decided to make herself a little midnight snack. She prepared carefully and assembled her supplies: a bowl from the china cabinet, a knife from the drawer, a cutting board from the cabinet and a block of cheese from the refrigerator. When I found her this is how far she’d come:


Well, I couldn’t find fault with her methods so I allowed her to finish her snack and came in to write up this post. In the meantime she has finished eating, probably loaded the dishwasher and has now come back to bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

(I think we all knew she never really was “the baby” to begin with, at least not according to Agnes.)

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5 Responses to Not the baby anymore

  1. You people, thinking she ever was a baby. Pshaw. She was just *small*. ;P

  2. ajniall says:

    Totally fun transition.  I hope James does that well!!! 

  3. ajniall says:

    Thought of you this afternoon when I woke up from a nap to my two year old making himself a PB&J sandwhich.  I guess daddy didn’t feed him lunch and he was hungry. I do have an independant 2 year old. Hopefuly he’ll stay that way after the new baby comes, lol!!

  4. @ajniall – That’s great Adrianne! Ha!

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