We have Six. Kids.

Dave and I just looked at each other.
Dave said: “Honey, we have six kids.”
I cracked up laughing.
This is our little routine after a baby. We’ll go through it a few more times over the next several weeks. 🙂

Introducing Estella Magdalene, born this evening at 7:20PM and weighing 7 lbs 6oz.

She’s a keeper.


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8 Responses to We have Six. Kids.

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh Sarah! She’s gorgeous! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. did she weigh the same as the other five??  or did she break a record?  weighing 7lbs at 7:20 on 7/21 … seven is a blessed number 🙂

  3. Yet another beauty!  Thrilled beyond words for you!! 🙂

  4. She’s just exquisite, Sarah.

  5. Ah, beautiful  Have a blessed babymoon!

  6. liv says:

    Congratulations!! She’s beautiful!

  7. I always found it funny, that J.J. had that revelation after the baby was born.  “Wow, we have 5 kids.”  And I’d say, “Yeah, I made that mental transition about 6-9 months ago.” 😉

  8. @Anothermadhousewife – i always wait until a month or less before the baby comes, to start actually thinking about the fact that there will be another person around. 🙂

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