Mom’s Day Off: A Top Ten List

I was blessed to be able to leave my kids with a friend for the afternoon.

You may laugh at some of the simple pleasures a child-free mom would notice, let alone revel in.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed today:

10. Cleaning the entire kitchen without once hearing a request for food.
9. Leaving the iron on, unattended.
8. Leaving scissors and seam rippers in plain sight and casually walking to another room, knowing they’d be right where I left them and nobody would lose an eye.
7. Having the house stay neat for hours, without additional work, and being awake to enjoy it.
6. Eating what I wanted, when I felt hungry, without fear that I would need to serve it to five more people if I was caught.
5. Running an errand without having to deal with any car seats whatsoever.
4. Sitting down for more than a millisecond without being asked for help with something.
3. Closing the refrigerator without first having to pry forty or fifty fingers off the door.
2. Using the bathroom alone and in peace.
1. Eating ice cream right out in the open in broad daylight.

What are some of the little things you didn’t realize you would miss when you signed on for mommyhood?

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2 Responses to Mom’s Day Off: A Top Ten List

  1. Medora says:

    I had to laugh at #2, because when we three kids were all under four (when we lived in that blue house, next to “the chocolate house” (the Schlissel abode)) Mom told us that she couldn’t go to the bathroom without one of us sticking our fingers under the door and yelling, “Mommy! Are you in there?”

    (The really embarrassing thing is that we would do this to the occasional babysitter as well.)

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