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5 Responses to Fingerpainting

  1. perelandra30 says:

    These pictures bring back such memories of when my kids were all littles.  We used to have some great times finger painting.  Enjoy them while they are small, they grow up way too fast.

  2. Agnes looks like she is giggling away!  Soooo cute.  And, wow, did Soren’s hair ever grown in!  It looks nice and thick.  Do you keep all the fingerpaintings? Do you have places to hang them or are they gifts for others?  Really nice photos, again, as usual.

  3. @Amythist_Malaise – Sheila, They were painting some cardboard that we are going to use to make into sewing cards in our next project.  I am very much enjoying Soren’s hair too.

  4. So fun! So, did your children feel the need to wipe off their hands between every swipe of finger paint, the way that my persnickety boy did?

  5. @tridentinefan – no, they waited until their entire hand and arm was full of paint before wiping. 

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