Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 3

Monday morning, Merja and I met up at the Court St station in Brooklyn for one last photography walk – shooting landscapes for the class we’re in together right now. It was a beautiful sunny day.

20160418-_MG_2092 20160418-_MG_2093

Outside St Ann Trinity church

20160418-_MG_2097 20160418-_MG_2099

Freedom Tower20160418-_MG_2103 20160418-_MG_2104 20160418-_MG_2123 20160418-_MG_2131 20160418-_MG_2138 20160418-_MG_2152 20160418-_MG_2156

Back at my mom’s, I caught Levi walking through a gorgeous patch of afternoon light.20160418-_MG_2176-2

We enjoyed a very large extended family dinner at L&B Spumoni Gardens.

20160418-_MG_2181 20160418-_MG_2182 20160418-_MG_2187-2 20160418-_MG_2208 20160418-_MG_2213

And then off for a good night’s sleep!

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