Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 2 – with the family

Playing around with the window light and mirror in the guest room20160417-_MG_1906-2

Preparing a lovely caprese salad while the babies snack20160417-_MG_1942

Italian kitchenitalian kitchen 20160417-_MG_1950 20160417-_MG_1955 20160417-_MG_1956-2 20160417-_MG_1959

As a child they called her Sarah Bernhardt20160417-_MG_1967

Photobombing Mommy20160417-_MG_1983-2 20160417-_MG_1987

Did someone say Humphrey Bogart?20160417-_MG_1988 20160417-_MG_1995 20160417-_MG_2022

**SCREECH* Let’s just stop this and zoom in here for a moment.

THE GORGEOUSNESS that is my baby sister20160417-_MG_2022-2

Sisters ❤20160417-_MG_2031-2

Linus asked me to see the picture of “Birving” again20160417-_MG_2059 20160417-_MG_2064 20160417-_MG_2068 20160417-_MG_2078

My parents with all their girls (Missing my brother)20160417-IMG_2006-2

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