The night life of Miriam and Jireh

After a fairly long hiatus, during which they were put to bed at night and went to sleep, the girls have begun the parties in their rooms once again.

Last night they were put to bed before 8. They got up a few times asking for water, that kind of thing. Then they started getting more serious. Once, Miriam took off her poopy diaper, put it in the kitchen trash, and then got herself a pullup. Thankfully I haven’t found a mess associated with it. On the other hand, Jireh did wet the carpet under the crib in her bedroom after taking off her diaper. Yeah. They were throwing things, yelling and screaming, laughing, shouting their equivalent of Geronimo and whatnot. Finally after many corrections they went to sleep around 10:00pm.

5:00 this morning. We start hearing an elephant stampede. At first, we dream we are in the jungles of Africa, and look for cover. Then I realize what it is, and try to ignore them because after all, they’re staying in their room and not coming down and bothering me. Dave, however, was of a mind that they should be in bed, so up he went. 10 minutes later they are down in my bedroom — and here’s a switch – Miriam’s fully dressed to the shoes, and Jireh’s sans clothesand diaper. Between Dave and me, we had to go back up there and tell them to keep it down 5 more times. I found later in cleaning their room they had found and consumed most of a king size pack of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. They were rather irrepressible.

It reminded me of the fairy tale about the dancing shoes. You know the princess who wakes up every morning with her shoes all worn out because she has been dancing all night in her sleep?

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