tattling and other tales

I went to take care of something in the kitchen and as I walked back to my room, Miriam comes up holding my 15 oz mug of coffee. “Hi, Mommy!” she says like nothing. Jireh’s able to tattle now. The other day she came up to me and said something. I thought, it sounded a lot like “Mommy, Miriam took my doll,” and sure enough I went in their room and Miriam had taken her doll.

Did I tell you that Jireh has been going around singing “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to Miriam, Aaaa-Men”? Both girls can sing the Gloria Patri now and it’s really cute to hear. It’s a nice change from the constant ABC’s that were seemingly on a loop. At least now they mix up and randomize the song selection. Grr, be right back. Jireh’s new thing is taking off her clothes and diaper and streaking around the house. It’s funniest in the morning when she comes in my room and I hoist her into bed, and suddenly feel a little bare tush. Yeah, that wakes me right up.

Dave is hoping to hear back something final about that job today.

We had a great Lord’s Day yesterday. Went to service at 10:30 and then came home and changed before heading to the Howards’ for Sunday lunch. Beth made everything herself– pork tenderloin, sweet potato casserole, steamed broccoli and bread. Everything was done to perfection. Then the most odd thing of all happened: we left while it was still light. Our friends had somewhere to be in the evening so we headed home. I was able to finish a maternity dress for my sister in law (even though I am still not really happy with the zipper), AND get to bed before midnight.

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