I guess he’s popular with kids for a reason

I turned on a CD in the car that we have never heard before: a Raffi album from the library.

As soon as the first song was over, Agnes clearly and repeatedly said, “Raffi. Raffi.” (Nobody had mentioned anything about it – she wasn’t repeating.)

I thought it was pretty odd and funny that she recognized the artist, remembered his name, and chose to say it. She hardly talks at all, yet.

Perhaps she is poised for a language explosion. I’m actually surprised she is taking this long to talk. It’s not late “on the charts,” but I did think she’d be an early talker. Guess she is too busy practicing being a grownup to learn to talk for now.

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3 Responses to I guess he’s popular with kids for a reason

  1. Maybe Agnes is still soaking up the chatter of her four older siblings. I wonder if when the language explosion occurs, they will be able to get a word in edgewise! By the way, I still haven’t made the kefir bread. I got extra plain yogurt, too, but somehow I keep forgetting. I promised I’d let you know.

  2. I haven’t listened to Raffi yet either but am always hearing that I HAVE to get him because kids LOVE HIM SO MUCH. My kids already complain and beg enough, I’m not sure I want to get anything else they’ll ask for.

  3. @tridentinefan – Ha ha. I honestly don’t see the attraction. It’s just a dude with a mid range, soft voice who sings silly songs, some new, some traditional. But there must be SOMETHING about him! 🙂 Maybe once you pass 12 you can’t hear his pied piper-ness anymore. At least he is not obnoxious like some kid-targeted artists can be, for the parents who have to suffer thru it. 🙂

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