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A mind of his own

My son has a mind of his own in every sense. The standard meaning of this is true of him, in that he clings tenaciously to things he wants to do and is loath to let anything deter him. For … Continue reading

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Accinge sicut vir lumbos tuos

A son is one of the greatest joys a father can have. Not to take anything away from my darling five daughters (they each have their own special perches in my soul, to be sure) but nothing quite compares with … Continue reading

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Soren learns the Baltimore catechism

Trying to teach Soren the question and answer format seems to be an exercise in futility. Parent: “Soren, who made the world?” Soren: “Who made the world?” Parent: “God made the world.” Soren: “God made the world.” Parent: “Right. So … Continue reading

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One more day

One more day with the greatest baby sister in the world. Here she is with my baby: My handsome boy.   And… I almost forgot. CONGRATULATIONS! to my other little sister Anna, who just got engaged this weekend.

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Busy week

We have been really busy this week. I’ve been doing a lot of outside work and haven’t really been at the computer much. I did a bunch of pruning of our shrubs (which has never been done since we moved … Continue reading

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All kinds of useful

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Little Dolly

At my MIL’s house with her state-of-the-art toy collection… (that doll is so lifelike!)

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A rare moment

When Soren would actually be still next to Christina. There are a lot of tender moments that I missed (before I got the camera) but here are some highlights. This is the moment Dave woke up and said good morning … Continue reading

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What a difference a year makes

March 8, 2006 and March 8, 2007  

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First night in a big boy bed

This is where he fell asleep: Moments later…  

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