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Moon up above, and a thing called love

There comes a time in every child’s life, I suppose, when the very basic question of our existence cannot be avoided any longer: Where do babies come from? When Soren asked this question a year or so ago, it was … Continue reading

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Original Joke

Miriam has this joke she made up which Dave finds hilarious and constantly asks her to do, so I thought I’d share. It goes something like this:    

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Mommy confusion

I was just sitting in bed with my 10 month old baby, holding her, trying to get her to sleep.  She was being really fidgety and acting like she wanted to get down. I let her down to see what … Continue reading

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New concept in babywearing

Not sure if this would work with a child that had actual bones, but if anyone tries it successfully, let me know. Looks comfy anyway. 

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Phunny Fotos

Miriam wanted to go outside and I told her she couldn’t if she wasn’t dressed with shoes on. Guess she had a hard time finding some coordinated items. What if Christina had hair? 

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Exhausted? Why would I be exhausted?

I just got back from Costco. I had Christina in the front sling, Soren in the back carrier, and the girls sat side by side in the cart. That’s 45 lbs of humans on me, and pushing another 65 lbs … Continue reading

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Low Tea

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Three months old

  This past week Christina began laughing… once when I was playing a game with her where I brought her face close to my face, and another time when Dave moved her over in the bed. She also responds to … Continue reading

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You know you and your friends are fulfilling the creation mandate when…

…you only need to invite 2 grownups (Beth and Julie) to have a house full of 10 kids for a birthday party. Here are some photos from Miriam’s party. Excerpts: The green outfit was what Jireh chose for her “dress-up” … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Miriam!

My oldest is four years old today! This beautiful girl is so grown-up. For her birthday, and to reward her for (just about) quitting her thumb-sucking habit, we went and got her ears pierced. She was SUCH a trooper! She … Continue reading

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