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Schooled by the unschooled

There was some seatbelt nefariousness going on behind me and I was choosing to look the other way. Er, straight ahead. I mean, it’s practically a bus I’m driving, and we were going on a 4 minute drive through town. … Continue reading

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As if three were not enough

Now I am apparently bankrolling diapers for Lambie as well. edit: Ha ha, something about this post gave me déjà vu. Sure enough, I found this from last year. Back then, the other three in diapers were Miriam, Jireh and … Continue reading

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Exhausted? Why would I be exhausted?

I just got back from Costco. I had Christina in the front sling, Soren in the back carrier, and the girls sat side by side in the cart. That’s 45 lbs of humans on me, and pushing another 65 lbs … Continue reading

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Low Tea

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Soren’s first buzz cut

His hair was starting to drive me crazy. I was putting off cutting it because it has been cold, but then I bought him a hat. Much warmer than hair anyway. Bonus picture of Jireh

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a very nice friday

It has been a really great day. Yesterday my sciatica finally started getting bearable enough to straighten up parts of the house, so I was able to get the whole first floor in order and clean the kitchen to sparkling … Continue reading

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Party Photos

Check out the album of the party. 4 adults and 3 kids didn’t show… but we had a great time and a TON of food left over. Here are a few highlights.

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Happy Birthday Jireh!!

Jireh is 2 years old today. I would say “time flies” but I can’t believe it’s only been 2 years, actually. Ha ha. Here’s the birthday girl! Jireh’s Birthday Slideshow

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