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Royalty has its drawbacks

Overheard: Christina: “I am the queen! And you are the pleasant girl.”

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What plates aren’t for

Until I had children, I thought plates were used to hold one’s foodstuffs away from the table so as to make cleanup easier, promote manners and be the basis for social graces and, you know, general civilization. Pave the way … Continue reading

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Christina isms

Christina, 4 1/2, has so many adorable turns of phrase that are just slightly off, and I’m loath to correct her. Here are a few of the words in her own language. “I’m going outside to pick gandylions.” “Mom, may … Continue reading

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A Living Doll

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Happy Birthday/ Half Birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite husband !  We just got through with his birthday dinner which was a feast. I even made Italian bread from scratch (got the recipe from the flour bag). It actually came out great! And, today … Continue reading

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One more day

One more day with the greatest baby sister in the world. Here she is with my baby: My handsome boy.   And… I almost forgot. CONGRATULATIONS! to my other little sister Anna, who just got engaged this weekend.

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Busy week

We have been really busy this week. I’ve been doing a lot of outside work and haven’t really been at the computer much. I did a bunch of pruning of our shrubs (which has never been done since we moved … Continue reading

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Aren’t you supposed to take fewer and fewer baby photos the more children you have? I seem to be skewing in the opposite direction. Oh well, it’s fun. Here she is again.

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I’ve got the bug

I have the sewing bug really bad now. I bought fabric for the kids’ matching outfits. I have been daydreaming and fantasizing about the finished products since Saturday. I can’t WAIT to do it. They are going to be so … Continue reading

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Julie and the kids were over yesterday. Now, when the two of us get together, we have seven kids between us. Yikes. The kids played outside most of the day. They have been enjoying a mostly-empty shed we have out … Continue reading

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