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Happy anniversary to my parents

A beautiful young lady was a student at a local community college and walked into her next class, and sat down in the front like a good teacher’s pet. I imagine her with pristine clean notebooks and pencils freshly sharpened in … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Mommy Tax?

Tonight we had a catch as catch can dinner. You see, when it gets to be after 5pm and the children, rather than helping with dinner prep, instead decide to help themselves to snack food, I get extremely snippy and … Continue reading

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6 (months) x 8

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“But that’s NOT what I ASKED YOU! I just want you to answer the question I’m actually asking! ” Even as the words came out of my mouth, my shoulders relaxed and I kind of smiled, mid-argument. “My parents had this … Continue reading

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What’s the…. um… umm… word?

Being a mom is humbling in many respects, not the least of which is the (likely sleep-deprivation-induced) lessening of the intellect that occurs. My parents thought I started talking like a Southerner when I moved from Brooklyn to the sunny … Continue reading

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The little things you remember

These days, my mom takes her coffee black. I’m not that mature yet. I still take my coffee exactly as my mom did when I was growing up: cream, no sugar. I remember the ritual every day. She would drop the … Continue reading

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March 23, 2002

People always tell me I look too young to have six kids. If I do, it’s because of this guy. He keeps me young… with his ever present sense of humour (though he’ll refer you to this graph as true in … Continue reading

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A little kitchen cheer

I said I wasn’t much for decorating, and I’m not. But I do like to have things around my space that make me happy. This is a shot of part of my kitchen wall. I get to see it all … Continue reading

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The life I wanted

In high school, I was pretty awkward. I didn’t blend in at all. First, I was a “homeschool transfer.” Started at St. Joseph Hill all-girls Catholic school in the 10th grade. As a 13 year old sophomore, I was the … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen

Today marks sixteen years since the evening my husband and I first met. I’d already heard of Dave a little bit. I was friends with two girls in the Atlanta area, the older of which had a best friend who … Continue reading

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