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She Hides the Mess Behind Closed Doors

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Calling all soccer moms

I am facing a new parenting stage and wondering how to get through it productively. Having never sent the kids to a school away from home, I am not used to having to drop kids off for activities/classes, etc. I’ve … Continue reading

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How she does it: Laundry

As I’m sure all you moms of >1.4 children do as well, I often get the question “How on earth do you do it?” I would like to begin to answer that question on this blog. After all, who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Book plug

Holiness for Housewives: And Other Working Women By Dom Hubert Van Zeller, Hubert Van Zeller I’ve always hated those guilt-tripping “holiness” books that are geared toward some imaginary type of person that the author thinks should exist but I’ve never … Continue reading

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It’s starting

I’m just ramping up into my 2nd trimester anti-clutter frenzy. Yesterday I went upstairs and threw out a whole box plus of the girls’ toys (the ones they have been slowly destroying for months). I left for them a hamper … Continue reading

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my new best friend

Baking soda. Use it for a wet dishcloth wash – takes the sour smell right out. Or sprinkle it right on the washcloth in the sink. Or your string mop. Sprinkle on used pots & pans, add a few drops … Continue reading

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