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Two minutes with a four year old

Can a bird be ANY color? Is a volcano stronger than a tornado? Where do tornados live? Hawaii? Oh, that’s volcanoes. What is this family about? Jesus? God? Eggs? I don’t know what anything means. But I know what hungry … Continue reading

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How to break the commandments, by Aggie

We’re reviewing for her first confession and I’ve been laughing quite a bit at Agnes’ responses to my pop quizzes. Here are a few. First: If someone worshiped… a door. And got down like this (knelt on the floor and bowed … Continue reading

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It was a little too quiet, if you know what I mean. I hadn’t seen the little ones in a while and when I discovered my bathroom door locked, I got in with a screwdriver and came upon Estella & Linus in my … Continue reading

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Dave: Christina, why do you wear those glasses all the time? Christina (8): Well, they don’t have any lenses in them, so technically they’re not really glasses. They’re just shapes on my face.  

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Granola recipe (4-year-old version)

So, for some weird reason I’ve been on a keeping-the-house-clean kick lately. Which is completely exhausting, pointless, and never-ending. And did I mention pointless? It involves never letting the mess build up, so you don’t have so much to clean. … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Catholic When…

I was putting spoonfuls of Vitamin C crystals into water for the kids to drink (in hopes of warding off a plague we may have been exposed to) and as we watched the liquid in the glass go from opaque … Continue reading

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Moon up above, and a thing called love

There comes a time in every child’s life, I suppose, when the very basic question of our existence cannot be avoided any longer: Where do babies come from? When Soren asked this question a year or so ago, it was … Continue reading

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