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Two minutes with a four year old

Can a bird be ANY color? Is a volcano stronger than a tornado? Where do tornados live? Hawaii? Oh, that’s volcanoes. What is this family about? Jesus? God? Eggs? I don’t know what anything means. But I know what hungry … Continue reading

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How to break the commandments, by Aggie

We’re reviewing for her first confession and I’ve been laughing quite a bit at Agnes’ responses to my pop quizzes. Here are a few. First: If someone worshiped… a door. And got down like this (knelt on the floor and bowed … Continue reading

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It was a little too quiet, if you know what I mean. I hadn’t seen the little ones in a while and when I discovered my bathroom door locked, I got in with a screwdriver and came upon Estella & Linus in my … Continue reading

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Dave: Christina, why do you wear those glasses all the time? Christina (8): Well, they don’t have any lenses in them, so technically they’re not really glasses. They’re just shapes on my face.  

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Granola recipe (4-year-old version)

So, for some weird reason I’ve been on a keeping-the-house-clean kick lately. Which is completely exhausting, pointless, and never-ending. And did I mention pointless? It involves never letting the mess build up, so you don’t have so much to clean. … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Catholic When…

I was putting spoonfuls of Vitamin C crystals into water for the kids to drink (in hopes of warding off a plague we may have been exposed to) and as we watched the liquid in the glass go from opaque … Continue reading

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Moon up above, and a thing called love

There comes a time in every child’s life, I suppose, when the very basic question of our existence cannot be avoided any longer: Where do babies come from? When Soren asked this question a year or so ago, it was … Continue reading

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Royalty has its drawbacks

Overheard: Christina: “I am the queen! And you are the pleasant girl.”

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Original Joke

Miriam has this joke she made up which Dave finds hilarious and constantly asks her to do, so I thought I’d share. It goes something like this:    

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A mind of his own

My son has a mind of his own in every sense. The standard meaning of this is true of him, in that he clings tenaciously to things he wants to do and is loath to let anything deter him. For … Continue reading

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