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Soren’s 10th birthday project

I didn’t have a chance to blog on my son’s 10th birthday, but he was busy making drawings and building a box with his dad, who documented it in photos here. View post on

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off the ground

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playing guitar

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The Fifth Joyful Mystery

Søren received his First Holy Communion on Mother’s Day this year. It was a complicated day full of various emotions, mostly great, but some overwhelmingly not great, and I’ve only just sorted through it all enough to share the events … Continue reading

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“It’s finally fun to have a brother”

Soren waited seven years for a brother. Of course, he loved him immediately. He started right away putting them in matching outfits.    But there wasn’t a lot of brotherly give-and-take involved. Today he came to me very excited and … Continue reading

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New compost bin

Our compost bin composted itself so the men are making a new one. Total yikes moment. But Dave says he knows what he’s doing. I am really not a fan of power tools… no reason, just nerves. So I had … Continue reading

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Papi’s Home!


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Pull ups


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A mind of his own

My son has a mind of his own in every sense. The standard meaning of this is true of him, in that he clings tenaciously to things he wants to do and is loath to let anything deter him. For … Continue reading

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Accinge sicut vir lumbos tuos

A son is one of the greatest joys a father can have. Not to take anything away from my darling five daughters (they each have their own special perches in my soul, to be sure) but nothing quite compares with … Continue reading

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