Trip to the Zoo

Agnes (8) is great with the little ones and she loves telling them facts and stories. Linus (4) was intrigued by the things Agnes was saying about elephants, so he began asking me if they were “in real life” and if he could see some one day. What he really wanted to do was hand-feed them peanuts, but we compromised and settled on a zoo visit. Of course, I had to schedule one ASAP or be asked to death when we were going. Friends of ours who go to school near the zoo were kind enough to let some of us tag along on their weekly trip.

When we got to the school a kind man immediately offered my kids some popcorn. I find it funny how when I take my children somewhere people are always eager to feed them. Personally, I try to avoid doing so until there’s a near mutiny. Anyway, they enjoyed the treat immensely.

The walk to the zoo

The great adventure lies ahead

Lino and the Lion

my only self portrait of the day

Aggie and the Alligator

We hit all the highlights Linus wanted to see, but of course he consoled himself with not seeing EVERYTHING by saying “That’s okay, we’ll see it next time.” Looks like I’m not off the hook.

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1 Response to Trip to the Zoo

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Alice has asked us the same thing regarding other real but “fantastic beasts”. Love your self portrait. And Lino and the lion


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