Outing with the children

Dave had a ton of work to do so we decided to let him work in peace for a few hours while we went to support our local evil arabica bean roaster, because mini frappuccinos!

Our plan was to visit the library after being sufficiently caffeinated (or decaffeinated as the case may be) but I decided last minute to take a detour to Jiffy Lube and get my own oil changed as a surprise for my husband who always takes care of the car stuff himself. The Jiffy Lube was about 4 lights down the same road as the Starbucks, but my demon possessed GPS had me turn right at the light (exiting the shopping center), then take a U turn… and if that wasn’t bad enough it prescribed another 2 U-Turns. Every time I took a U turn (everyone in the car was cracking up, we thought it was funny and kind of wanted to play it out) it would add more U turns to the instructions. Finally I just zoomed out and saw what ultimate direction we needed to be going and kept that way, ignoring the three extra U turns it told me I needed to take (with one final U turn needed to get into the place, haha).

Once we arrived, the kids were well behaved, especially after I had the employee change the channel to PBS.


So my 11 year old is a coffee lover and couldn’t resist grabbing a cup of Jiffy Lube sludge to go, for some reason. I urged her to put it in the coffee cup (the kids save the empty starbucks cups every.time.) instead of the styrofoam as we were leaving. We started to make our way to the library, and after a while she said, “Can we just go straight home instead?” “NOOOO!” yelled everyone in the van. “Why?” I asked. “Because the library is STUPID!!” “You’re going to have to do better than that,” I said, “at least TRY to convince some of your siblings. Everyone else wants to go.”  Well, later on in the car ride it came out that she had actually spilled the coffee on herself and needed to get home into some dry clothes. I was confused as to why she didn’t just lead with that information, haha.

We will have to save the library for a different day. 🙂

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