Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 2 – photography meetup

Merja and her family were kind enough to meet me on my own stomping grounds of Sheepshead Bay. We stopped at a little restaurant off Emmons for some sustenance.



20160417-_MG_1805-2 20160417-_MG_1792-2 20160417-_MG_1780-2 20160417-_MG_1783

Then we took a photo walk by Sheepshead Bay and across to the Manhattan Beach Park.

A mini-photographer and a very accustomed model 🙂

20160417-_MG_1809-2 20160417-_MG_1810-2 Brooklyn's "Seagull" 20160417-_MG_1823 20160417-_MG_1829-2 20160417-_MG_1833-2 20160417-_MG_1840-2 20160417-_MG_1841-2 20160417-_MG_1855-2 20160417-_MG_1861 20160417-_MG_1862 20160417-_MG_1867-2 20160417-_MG_1870-2 love on the rocks 20160417-_MG_1882 20160417-_MG_1885


We said our goodbyes – with Merja and I planning to meet the following morning again – and went our separate ways after a lovely afternoon.


Jireh and I stopped for coffee on the way back and then headed to my mom’s… where my ever-vigilant sister had locked all the doors. 🙂 We hung out and rested for a bit and then I went to meet them and retrieve a set of keys.


stay tuned for the photos of our evening with family.

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5 Responses to Brooklyn April 2016 – Day 2 – photography meetup

  1. I think it’s kind of cool that you and your children are barefoot. Just curious: is there a specific reason for that, or is it one of those things that just happened? And 2: don’t your feet get cold?

    • momalot says:

      I mostly wear shoes when out and about, but my husband and kids choose to be barefoot. They simply don’t like shoes. Everyone does own shoes that fit, for situations where they are required, but usually they don’t stay on long. We live in a warm climate so being too cold is hardly ever an issue for them. The feet grow calluses and get used to the elements so they can withstand much more extreme temperatures than feet accustomed to wearing shoes all the time.

  2. Karina says:

    I so wish I was there to be with the two of you. It looked like you had a wonderful afternoon. I think my son would fit in wonderfully with your brood as he doesn’t like to wear shoes either. Karina

  3. Cool! Thanks for taking the time to explain 🙂

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