Brooklyn April 2016, Day 2 – little rascal at Mass

Woke up with beautiful light streaming through the window.


I was in plenty of time to get to Mass on Sunday. Got myself and Phin ready and then went to wake up Jireh. She came down in her PJ’s and got some coffee – it all felt relaxed until I looked at the clock in the kitchen and panicked. It was only 15 minutes until Mass started, and it was about a 10 minute walk! I rushed her off to hurry and get dressed, quickly got myself together but didn’t complete niceties like makeup, and pushed the kids out the door. In my hurry I left my phone on the dresser which I noticed when I tried to check the time. I hadn’t borrowed my sister’s stroller yet so we took turns carrying Phineas and holding his hands. We walked in expecting to see Mass starting but to my surprise it hadn’t.

So we waited… about 10 minutes! 20160417-_MG_1733

Phineas used up all his patience during this wait, apparently, and was impossible during most of Mass.

I thought I heard him say “Go in Peace.” 


Trying to keep him quiet in the memorial candle area


He just wants out


Hm, now what?


Free at last20160417-_MG_1748

Outside looking in – had to hold him to avoid him running down ocean avenue20160417-_MG_1760-Edit

On the way back from church we went to my sister’s to pick up the stroller. Look at those little rascals.

20160417-_MG_1767-2 20160417-_MG_1768-2

I ate a pear while I was there, and I think my mom heard about it, thought “Hey, Sarah likes pears!” and then the next time she was at the fruit store, bought me about 8 lbs of various kinds of pears for me to enjoy. ❤ I have to be careful about saying I like something when I go back home. 🙂

After we got back to my mom’s, I told her about rushing out the door and then having to wait for a while before Mass started. She said, “Oh, you weren’t looking at the microwave clock, were you? Daddy sets the kitchen clocks fast. I never look at those.” !! Mystery solved.

Next, I met up with my friend Merja which will be in the next post!

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