Brooklyn April 2016, Day 1

Lured by the prospect of meeting a longtime photography friend from Paris, I decided to take a trip back to my homeland for a few days. I brought the nursing toddler and a babysitter (Jireh ;)) with me.

The cheerful ride to the airport

headed to airport to drop me off

A seasoned traveler

sweet little traveler

I introduced Jireh to The Philadelphia Story. Such a classic.watching Philadelphia Story on the plane

If I can throwback a minute, here’s a photo from almost exactly 11 years ago with Jireh:


Some more pics from the plane.

20160416-_MG_1602 Fort tilden on the right, coney island, brighton & manhattan bea 20160416-_MG_1610 20160416-_MG_1628-2 20160416-_MG_1640-2

We arrived and Phineas made himself right at home.

20160416-_MG_1667-2 20160416-_MG_1676-2 20160416-_MG_168720160416-_MG_1695

And we all hung out enjoying each other for a while.

20160416-_MG_1674-2 20160416-_MG_1703 20160416-_MG_1709 20160416-_MG_1711 20160416-_MG_1718


After a Brooklyn-timed dinner (eg 9:30ish)  fit for a king, we were all happy to get some rest for the night!


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