Before the Snow

20160122untitled shoot-_MG_519920160122untitled shoot-_MG_520020160122untitled shoot-_MG_521020160122untitled shoot-_MG_521720160122untitled shoot-_MG_522920160122untitled shoot-_MG_524720160122untitled shoot-_MG_5283before the snow20160122untitled shoot-_MG_5300

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5 Responses to Before the Snow

  1. Elizabeth Arendale says:

    I was thinking how beautiful she had become on the last eight on the 1st. Just lovely. My fave is the last one where part of her face is in focus and the rest isn’t. Great value and line thanks to the Maker:-)

    On Saturday, January 23, 2016, Socks on the Line wrote:

    > Sarah posted: “” >

  2. Katy Albers says:

    So sad to see you have given up on the skirts/dresses.

    • Sarah says:

      We decided it is more important to us to teach the children to be modest and feminine as a general principle to follow, rather than teach them to be self righteous, legalistic and judgmental by sticking to an arbitrary standard of dress. It’s a delicate balance. There are many situations for children where pants are legitimately more modest. They each have one pair of pants, the rest are skirts and dresses.

      As I have no recollection of ever interacting with you before, what I find sad is that you would only bother to come out of lurking mode to express disappointment. If we’ve had some previous exchanges I’ve forgotten about, please correct me.

  3. Dolly says:

    She is absolutely lovely!!!

    On another note, great response re: the pants!! I’m thrilled to see that you are teaching your children to pursue a classic, modest style–they will go far with this perspective.

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