Special birthday breakfast

Christina turned 9 today and her meal request was biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. We’d never tried this meal gluten free before but it turned out great! We used Pamela’s baking mix for both the biscuits and the gravy (to thicken it).

20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3193 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3197 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3209 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3227 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3235-2 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3243 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3257 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3261 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3263 20151124ChristinaBday-_MG_3309

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