Last moments (Part 4)

The entire visit was an unmarred and wonderful time and a lovely birthday gift for me. God protected them on their long drive home and they made it back safely. Until we meet again. ❤

20150826schlissel-_MG_8675-180 20150826schlissel-_MG_8691 20150826schlissel-_MG_8713 20150826schlissel-_MG_8724 20150826schlissel-_MG_8751 20150826schlissel-_MG_8759 20150826schlissel-_MG_8773 20150826schlissel-_MG_8798 20150826schlissel-_MG_8803 20150826schlissel-_MG_8824 20150826schlissel-_MG_8825 20150826schlissel-_MG_8841 20150826schlissel-_MG_8852 20150826schlissel-_MG_8859 20150826schlissel-_MG_8881

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