My birthday

My folks, all of them except one sister & her two sons, came from north and west to visit me for my birthday.

The five of us had fun recreating a photo of us from our childhood (c.1990) – Leah’s idea:

11949310_10207325541798682_1539528128611541380_n20150823trampoline-_MG_7942 20150823birthday-_MG_7950

boys smashing stumps and logs to get huge wood beetles20150823birthday-_MG_795720150823birthday-_MG_7972 which they then cooked in onions and ate  20150823birthday-_MG_7990

cutie niece


my bro and my baby

20150823birthday-_MG_8014 20150823birthday-_MG_8017

fireworks20150823birthday-_MG_8051 20150823birthday-_MG_8057

singing happy birthday20150823birthday-_MG_8066 20150823birthday-_MG_8068

blowing out my nonexistent candles 🙂20150823birthday-_MG_8073

A great day!

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One Response to My birthday

  1. It doesn’t sound like a birthday could get much better than that. It is lovely to see your family together. And I *love* the picture re-creation.

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