New Trampoline

We used to have a trampoline, and then at our old house, a storm knocked over a tree and it was destroyed. My nephew was disappointed and said he loved jumping at the trampoline when he came to visit. So I promised him if he ever came back we’d be sure to have a trampoline for him. And sure enough, he (and most of the rest of my family) will be here today. So we got another one and set it up.  So far so fun!




20150821trampoline-_MG_7835 20150821trampoline-_MG_7852 20150821trampoline-_MG_7870 20150821trampoline-_MG_7880 20150821trampoline-_MG_7893

A few of them woke up early to enjoy it before breakfast.20150822trampoline-_MG_7908 20150822trampoline-_MG_7914

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1 Response to New Trampoline

  1. Elizabeth Arendale says:

    I miss our trampoline. So much fun.

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