Phineas Samson is One

Twelve months of this little guy. He definitely is chock full of Cute Insurance, which apparently he is going to need, given the smattering of evidence I collected below of his first day as a one year old.

He weighs in at 23 pounds and best I could measure, 31″ tall (only a few inches short of his 2 1/2 year old brother). He has broken 3 12-month molars and 2 bottom eye teeth and the remaining eye teeth and the last molar are definitely on their way. He says “mama” and “papa” and “hi,” and makes every sound in the language during his babble, and I suspect he will be an early talker. He really seems to want to!

Phineas, the last year has gone by in a blink. But it didn’t take more than a blink to endear you to our hearts for good. We have loved spending every minute of this past year with you, sweet boy, and pray for your continued growth in wisdom, stature and favor with God and men. 20150805untitled shoot-_MG_7113 20150805untitled shoot-_MG_7131 20150805untitled shoot-_MG_7135 20150805untitled shoot-_MG_7138 20150805untitled shoot-_MG_7141

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2 Responses to Phineas Samson is One

  1. jjdb2015 says:

    Ha, Cute Insurance – like that! And it looks like he sure needs plenty of it 🙂

  2. eastwestfarm says:

    Happy birthday Phineas!

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