Mandatory Community Service

mandatory community serviceWe have a juvenile delinquent in the house. After defacing property he was tried and sentenced by judge & jury (aherm) to graffiti cleanup duty. We truly hope this experience serves to rehabilitate him. Mama can’t have her fresh walls marred! 😦20150717untitled shoot-_MG_610620150717untitled shoot-_MG_609820150717untitled shoot-_MG_6099


PS Sherwin Williams Duration paint FTW.  The ball point almost came all the way off with water and gentle wiping. It’s supposed to touch up beautifully so if I can’t clean it the rest of the way that’s my next step.


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3 Responses to Mandatory Community Service

  1. jjdb2015 says:

    Too cute! I hope the juvenile offender has decided to turn his life around!

  2. Leanne N says:

    What sweet pics, and an awesome commentary! I hope he has mended his ways 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you for the comments, Leanne! As it happens, I may need to rename him Harold… ugh… but I hope a little more time and some touch up paint will bring us out of this phase none the worse.

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