Phineas – 11 months

Phineas is quite a sharp kid. He mimics really well and he also gets jokes and makes them. For instance, the other day he was nursing and scrunched up his eyes pretending to sleep, then slyly opened them and started giggling. When I copied him he was quite tickled and we played at that game for a while. He also pretends to drink or eat and has a fake laugh (which, unfortunately, sounds a bit like choking and after the penny incident, pretty much freaks me out all day long).  If you bang on the table he’ll often repeat the rhythm or number of bangs,  and he really tries to copy sounds you make, faces, etc.   He pretends to be on the phone and he has figured out touch screens (thanks to his siblings).

As if on cue, the boy decided to stand up today quite nonchalantly. We tried to recreate the performance by having him hold an object in each hand. An amusing time was had by all. Looks like he will be on track to walk between 12 and 13 months like 5 of his siblings did.

20150705currysunday-_MG_4984 20150705currysunday-_MG_4986 20150705currysunday-_MG_4991 20150705currysunday-_MG_4992 20150705currysunday-_MG_4999

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