Whatever Happened to Mommy Tax?

Tonight we had a catch as catch can dinner.

You see, when it gets to be after 5pm and the children, rather than helping with dinner prep, instead decide to help themselves to snack food, I get extremely snippy and go on strike. In this case, I had made my famous “leftover soup” for lunch (homemade broth + everything in the fridge: never the same twice!) and they had the option of having that again, or yogurt.

After everyone had come through the kitchen at least once, I began cleaning up. Noticing that there was about a bowl’s worth left of soup I decided to have it, rather than put it away. Of course, as I sat down three girls decided it looked really good and that actually, they were kind of hungry.



When I was their age, my mother would take a bite of our lovingly prepared and served  snacks, saying, “It’s mommy tax.”  Times have changed. What is the world coming to? etc., etc.




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