Lincoln’s unconventional exit

20150606ThePenny-_MG_3830 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3836 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3842 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3846 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3851 20150608the penny-_MG_392320150606ThePenny-_MG_3858 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3863 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3869 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3875 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3877 20150606ThePenny-_MG_3878 20150606ThePenny-_MG_389520150606ThePenny-_MG_3888

All’s well that ends well!

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5 Responses to Lincoln’s unconventional exit

  1. Very clever title! Great way to tell the story in pictures. 🙂

  2. Poor baby! So, they couldn’t let it pass, it had to be removed? I’m glad he is okay!

  3. jjdb2015J says:

    Love how you told this story with just a title, one sentence, and a whole bunch of pictures!

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