Phineas Samson – 10 months

Another month with our darling boy. He is standing on his own occasionally, but only until he notices. 🙂 Then he quickly sits or holds on again. Here are some moments from the past month.

As one of my FB friends put it, “help yourself, fella!”20150507Mothers Day-_MG_3094

sitting like a big boy in church20150510untitled shoot-_MG_3258

helping to unpack 🙂20150515untitled shoot-_MG_3378 20150515untitled shoot-_MG_3385

Enjoying the backyard20150515untitled shoot-_MG_3404 20150515untitled shoot-_MG_3430

in mommy’s room20150519untitled shoot-_MG_3462 the latest music buff

his favorite spot to abscond to when unsupervised20150520untitled shoot-_MG_3491

he “crawls” on his hands and feet a lot, especially when there’s rough terrain.20150522untitled shoot-_MG_3612

Getting into trouble20150530linussleep-phinpantry-_MG_3703

Falling asleep in odd positions20150603untitled shoot-_MG_3826

It’s interesting to have another baby who puts everything in his mouth. It’s definitely been a while since we had to deal with that.  The other night during prayers, he happened to find a penny on the floor of the girls’ room. I took one out of his hand, but apparently not before he’d swallowed another one first. He was having symptoms that indicated it was still in his esophagus so yesterday was spent at the pediatrician and from there to the Children’s ER, where the nice doctor used a metal detector and a sonogram to locate and identify the object. After giving him crackers and nursing him in the exam room, he wasn’t throwing up anymore so the doctor sent us home with instructions to watch him for other symptoms and look for the penny in a few days. I guess his value is now priceless + $0.01 – is that anything like forever and a day? He’s not totally out of the woods yet, so we’re still being watchful, but at least I was able to get a current weight of 21.5 lbs for this hungry cutie.

Never a dull moment, even with #8. 🙂

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3 Responses to Phineas Samson – 10 months

  1. Katherine Lauer says:

    What a cutie pie! I hope that penny passes soon and you can rest easy.

  2. eastwestfarm says:

    Beautiful boy! Prayers that he stops swallowing what he shouldn’t. This too shall pass. 🙂

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