Phineas – 9 months

Just a quick update because I’m packing!

This month, Phineas got to meet my folks in Brooklyn. He is almost standing unassisted, but not quite. He’s much surer on his feet, though, and can easily cruise around and use one hand to prop himself up while standing. He also figured out how to climb stairs and has even used furniture placement to navigate onto higher surfaces (like using the trundle to climb onto the bottom bunk). He has had a sound explosion and makes any and every sound as he babbles day and night.  He’s a very exuberant boy and my dad gave the perfect description of him after meeting him. “Every other kid is coaxed into smiles. Phineas is always the instigator: ‘Hey, whoever you are, wanna smile with me?’ followed by the goofiest wonderfulest grin on earth. TRY not smiling back.”

Enjoying his swing ride at the playground20150409untitled shoot-_MG_1748

really enjoying it20150409untitled shoot-_MG_1768

scrounging for food, poor hungry boy, haha20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1844

playing peek a boo

20150412untitled shoot-_MG_1848

first time in an airplane


being loved


seeing Brooklyn from his royal carseat20150417Brooklyn-_MG_2093

experiencing a bona fide Auntie Beccah party20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2370

saying goodbye to Grandma20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2651

scrounging for more food20150430untitled shoot-_MG_2946

Plotting to wake a sleeping Papi20150501untitled shoot-_MG_2966

waking up20150503untitled shoot-_MG_3053

happy to be alive – and we’re so happy he is, too!

20150503untitled shoot-_MG_3056

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