Brooklyn – Bonus Day

My mother made me some delicious gluten free banana muffins. 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2528  20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2545

Clinging to Auntie for dear life. “Please, Auntie Esther! Come with us!”20150421Brooklyn-_MG_253520150421Brooklyn-_MG_2556 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2562 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2567 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2569

one last lush breakfast spread20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2571 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2573 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2575 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2580 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2582

the next two are Esther’s work20150421Brooklyn-_MG_258620150421Brooklyn-_MG_2593

I’ve got some fine genes, for which I am grateful.


Smiles from Dorothy20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2605 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2625

a last play with the skylight20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2629

Another round of hugs before heading to the airport20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2637 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2640 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2645 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2647

On the tarmac around sunset20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2671 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2674 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2677 20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2692

The most laughious flying companion20150421Brooklyn-_MG_2705

the moon and jupiter (I think)


coming in for a landing


Waiting for my ride home with Atlanta under my feet.



And that concludes the photo journal of a most excellent visit!


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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