Brooklyn – day 4


Waking up in my old bedroom20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2322

Sunday fellowship at my sister Beccah’s house. ❤


Phineas was completely mesmerized by Mike20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2334

sweet Dorothy20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2337 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2340 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2342 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2347 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2351 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2353 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2354 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2361 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2368 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2369 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2373 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2379 20150419Brooklyn-IMG_240020150419Brooklyn-_MG_2404 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2406

Four out of five (sisters) ain’t bad

20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2426 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2443 20150419Brooklyn-_MG_2454

my sweet baby niece held by my mother


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