Brooklyn – day 3


When I woke up Saturday morning, my nephews, who had spent the night, came in my room to hang out and chat. 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2237 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2240 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2241 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2243 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2244 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2246 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2249

My sister Leah came by and we hung out…20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2254

and answered, scientifically, some burning questions about whose nose was biggest.20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2259 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2260 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2263

Phineas loves his auntie 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2267 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2269 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2279

Esther turned the camera on me.20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2285

As my dad says, “We have one meal. It starts in the morning.”20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2287


Who needs toys when there’s a lock to pick?20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2288 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2289 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2290 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2292

Then it was my other nephew & niece’s turn to come hang out upstairs while we waited for dinner. 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2295

This kid’s a hoot. 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2300 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2302

“I’m a zombie and I’m coming for you!”20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2304

Miss independent.

20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2310 20150418Brooklyn-_MG_2318

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