Aggie’s birthday outing

My Agnes is 7 years old! She requested Starbucks & Moe’s for her birthday so we all took a trip to Target where the kids picked out presents and then had some beverages at Starbucks right in the store. Then we headed to Moe’s where I ordered to go and we came home to eat. Long day!

20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1926

20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1882 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1884 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1885 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1887 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1892 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1899 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1906 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1908 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1918 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1920 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1924 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1928 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1929 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1933 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1950 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1957 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1970 20150415untitled shoot-_MG_1977

What a wonderful seven years this has been, my Agnes Anastasia.  Your personality cannot be contained. You’re enthusiastic, loving, kind hearted, motivated and beautiful. Happy birthday!

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2 Responses to Aggie’s birthday outing

  1. I love your clever birthday outings! My fav pictures are toddler with two “fangs” of drinks hanging out and baby asleep in sister’s arms.

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