Phineas – 8 months

It’s been another month of change and excitement with this darling baby. As expected, he sprouted three new teeth at the beginning of the month and he is currently working on a fourth to make a total of 8 teeth. This month, he started solids – some favorites are ground beef, chicken broth, beets, peas, and anything he finds on the floor. :/

He pulls up on anything (with a ready handle or not) but hasn’t started standing quite yet, which leaves big sister Jireh the reigning champion at standing (Jireh, at a mere 7 months, would crawl to the middle of a room, squat and stand right there without holding on to anything.) He does a little bit of cruising along the edges of furniture and looooves to walk while holding someone’s hands, so I don’t believe he’ll wait until his first birthday to walk, but kids have a way of surprising me so I can’t bank on it. šŸ™‚

He’s very Ā much a part of the daily playtime now, and loves to get involved in what his siblings are doing. Linus and Estella are quite happy to incorporateĀ him in their play.

Just four more updates until he turns one! This year has flown by.

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